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L. Dollay Optometrist

Our two branches are based in North Kent, One in Northumberland Heath (Erith) and the other in Thamesmead Town Centre. Both Optical practices have been established over 20 years. We offer all the services you would expect from an opticians and more.

Our Optometrists are qualified with all the local accreditation schemes the health authority have to offer, these include Glaucoma, Paediatric, Cataract, Macula Degeneration and MECS (Minor Eye Conditions).

At Dollay Opticians we have provided our Optometrist with the latest instruments including an Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT), this allows us to scan your eye like an MRI scan giving the optometrist very early diagnosis of any on coming eye disease. This machine is normally only found in hospital eye departments for use by eye surgeons, but our optometrist have access to it here on the high street.

As well as eye tests, we also fit and supply contact lenses of all types including the more complicated designs, infact it is unlikely we wouldn't be able to correct your eyesight with contact lenses if you wished to try them.

The practice also holds diabetic screening clinics for Guy's & St Thomas'.

We have a specialized spectacles lab which allows us to manufacture, glaze or repair glasses, again a service very few others have.

Our independence allows us to choose from all of the major lens suppliers including Essilor, Zeiss, Nikon, Seiko, Hoya and more, so as we can dispense the spectacles best suited to your needs.

Being such a diverse area we keep up with all the latest frame suppliers from around the world. We will show you all that's good about a frame that you may have chosen and advise you against any that will not fit or suit your needs. Our experienced Dispensing Staff will see to that. Overall we want you to experience the best pathway you have ever had in an opticians be it you are young or old.

Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on 01322 359507 (Erith) or 0208 311 8711 (Thamesmead) or use our contact form.

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